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There's no escaping it - all computer and communication systems need occasional maintenance to keep them running reliably and securely. A smoothly running system is a great productivity booster - a slow, unreliable or dead system will eventually cause stress and expense that can bring a company to its knees.

Cyber-security is our speciality and slow computers our enemy. Some of the ways we can help:

  • Repair  and upgrade malfunctioning computers, phones and tablets.
  • Update all software on your internet-connected devices and keep it updated, to help prevent malware infections and fix bugs. This is the single most important remedy by far, more important than virus scanners or firewalls or changing passwords, because cyber attacks are now done by professionals rather than kids, for money rather than fun. We encourage you to do these updates yourself but it's easier with the proper tools and know-how.
  • Backup all devices that contain useful data at least once a day, preferably off-site and automatically. You will surely lose essential information eventually if you don't, because hard drives don't last forever. Again, we encourage you to do this yourself but we can set it all up for you very quickly and inexpensively.
  • Modernise your phones. Old analogue phone lines are dying out because they're expensive, inflexible, tied to one location and plagued by nuisance calls. Digital (VoIP) phones and mobile phones on the other hand are very inexpensive (both to setup and for calls), more flexible and calls can be answered or initiated anywhere, with nuisance calls blocked.
  • Diagnose flaky wireless connections and make them more reliable.
  • Archive your documents. Paper documents are dying out because they're bulky, hard to search and hard to share. We can convert documents (and photos, music and video) to searchable digital formats for archive purposes or daily use.
  • Analyse your computers (Windows, Apple, Android or Linux) to find and fix the causes of slow performance, crashes, excessive power consumption and other productivity killers. If your computers are taking more than 30 seconds to start up or won't "sleep" reliably we can almost certainly help.
  • Keep you in touch with your customers, supporters, friends and even elderly relatives in different ways that suit them, including email, skype, social media, RSS feeds and surveys.

We can also fix broken hardware, design new electronic hardware, make phone apps and other IT-related tasks.

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