Graphics & Logos

First impressions are important.

So, if your site isn’t visually appealing, people are unlikely to give it a second look, even if your products or services are first class.

Or, your site may look professional but just like the majority of sites on the web, probably built using a standard ‘off the peg’ template. It may not scare users off, but will it grab their attention?

A really well designed website should stand out from the crowd. That’s where we can help, offering a bespoke service tailoring the look and feel of your site to reflect the personality of your business or organisation.

We can design you a new logo or modernize an existing one. If you’re happy with the logo you’ve got we’ll integrate it into the theme of your site, using graphics and illustrations to liven up the content and make it more engaging and memorable.

In fact we can create the illustrations, having an illustrator as part of the team. We have many years of experience manipulating graphics and images in a wide range of industry standard graphics programs.

Of course if you want the ‘standard look’ and we can do that as well…but why would you?