Web hosting

Hosting that's truly managed

We offer our website clients a special fully managed web hosting service that includes all updates and off-site backups, so you don't have to worry about any of the technicalities.

This is much better than standard shared hosting, where a single unpatched plugin or weak password can result in an entire server being hacked, blacklisted or slowing to a crawl. People sometimes lose all their data, their backups and even control of their domain name without warning! You need something better than that.

  • We host your site on a fast VPS (virtual private server) located in a data center with redundant power and network connections.
  • All software inside the VPS is managed by Beeches IT and kept as up to date as possible for maximum stability and security.
  • Your files and database contents are automatically backed up daily and stored both on-site and off-site. If there's a disaster, a recent version of your site can typically be restored to a new web server by any competent web technician within hours.
  • We monitor your server continuously to get early warning of problems such as overloading or a possible hack or DoS (denial of service) attack. We've even survived a tweet from Stephen Fry and an attack from 300,000 different IP addresses!
  • There are no arbitrary limits on server or network resources and the size of the VPS can be increased to cope with thousands of simultaneous visitors but we reserve the right to negotiate a higher fee for heavily used sites.
  • We can take care of all your email addresses as well, ensuring messages are delivered without delay and can be viewed or searched on any device, effectively spam filtered and with the correct "from" address set (as well as SPFDKIM and DMARC records).


Basic site - from £60/year

A basic "shop front", blog or community site might include information about products, facilities or services offered, future meetings or events, opening hours, location, contact information, a newsletter,  a photo or video gallery, social media integration, testimonials and a PayPal "buy now" or "donate" button. It probably would have fewer than 20 pages.

Advanced site - from £120/year

A more active commercial site might have an online shop or booking system, a forum open to public comments or reviews, a user registration system, a CRM (customer relationship management) system or payment processing. A more active community site may have an event registration or ticketing system, a gallery or archives of previous events or media, a mailing list system. It might require more frequent monitoring by us to deal with updates, spam, failed orders or customer problems in a timely fashion.