Online payment

For payments in GBP we prefer direct bank transfer or a standing order (BACS) from your bank account to ours:

Account nameMr P W McKerracher
Sort code07-01-16
Account number4930 1808
IBANGB45 NAIA 0701 1649 3018 08
SWIFT intermediary bankMIDLGB22

Please quote your invoice number or name. If you have paid by BACS, no further action is necessary here.

If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card please complete the details below

Other payment options include:

  • Cheque, payable to Mr P W McKerracher and posted to 50 Blakehall Road, Carshalton SM5 3EZ
  • PayPal
  • For payments in Australian dollars:
Account holderPhilip William McKerracher
BSB code774001
Account number204953801
  • For payments in Euros:
Account holderPhilip William McKerracher
IBANBE25 9671 7283 658
  • For payments in US Dollars:
Account holderPhilip William McKerracher
Routing number084009519
Account number9600000000354952
Account typeChecking

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Thank you for your custom. Please contact us in the event of any problems.