If you have an invoice to pay or just wish to “buy us a coffee” we try to give you plenty of options.

If you’re not sure how much to pay you can check your account statement on our Client Portal (use the “Forgot your password?” link if this is your first visit or you lose your password). Partial payments and overpayments are accepted.

We are not VAT registered and do not charge VAT.

Online bank transfer

Please pay by direct bank transfer from a UK bank if you can, since this is fastest and involves no fees.

Account nameMr P W McKerracher
Sort code07-01-16
Account number4930 1808
For international payments: 
IBANGB45 NAIA 0701 1649 3018 08
SWIFT intermediary bankMIDLGB22

Please include your name or invoice number so we know who it’s from!

If you have paid by bank transfer, no further action is necessary here. We will send you a receipt when your payment is processed if we know your email address.

Credit/debit card

Card payments may provide additional security, refund guarantees, anonymity or credit. You don’t necessarily need a bank account to pay by card. We are charged a fee for card payments and they can take a while to process, so you’re welcome to use them but we prefer direct bank transfers where possible.

We accept credit/debit card payments securely online or in person via two providers (we never process or store card details ourselves). You don’t need to have or create an account at either provider in order to pay by card.

  • Our Stripe account accepts most credit/debit cards and Revolut (full list here).
QR code for stripe payment link
  • Our PayPal account accepts most credit/debit cards and prepaid cards (full list here).

We do accept card payments over the phone, but this is discouraged since it is relatively insecure and such payments are more likely to be refused.

In person

We accept cash, cheques and card payments in person, including payments from phone apps like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay (full list here).

Note that cards need to be the “chip and PIN” type – magnetic stripes are now too insecure and are no longer accepted by our provider.

It’s also possible to use our bank account details above to send us cash from a Post Office or from any bank, or even from a cashpoint machine.

By post

Please send a cheque payable to Mr P W McKerracher to 50 Blakehall Road, Carshalton SM5 3EZ

Note that we’re not a limited company so this is a personal account not a business account – cheques made out to our business name will bounce.

Please don’t send cash through the post. Also note that cheque payments are deprecated and likely to be discontinued by our bank at some future date. They’re also expensive to process.


We accept most cryptocurrencies (full list here). Contact us for a transfer address specific to you and the type of coin, and for a current exchange rate (which can be very unpredictable).

International payments

We use Wise for convenient local payment in various currencies (full list here). Exchange rates are good and fees are competitive.

Australian dollars:

Account holderPhilip William McKerracher
BSB code774001
Account number204953801


Account holderPhilip William McKerracher
IBANBE25 9671 7283 658

US Dollars:

Account holderPhilip William McKerracher
Routing number084009519
Account number9600000000354952
Account typeChecking

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Thank you for your custom. Please contact us in the event of any problems.