Computer Repairs

Save time

Computers and phones that crash, freeze or take forever to respond can be a massive source of frustration and lost productivity. We can fix (or upgrade) almost any computing device or web site and get it working quickly and reliably again.

It's really not necessary in the 21st century to wait more than 30s for a computer to start up, carry a laptop around with the lid open or charge your phone in the middle of the day. Technology is there to help us, not make life a misery.

We can come to you to save travel and evening and weekend appointments are available.

Save stress

We also specialise in removing malware and adware from computers, phones and web sites and securing them to prevent a re-infection. If your computer has started sending out spam to all your friends or flashing up annoying advertisements we can fix it.

We can show you cheap and easy ways to protect your privacy, secure your passwords, recover lost devices and restore deleted files. Let us do the worrying for you!

Save money

Many commercial virus scanners do more harm than good - we can recommend cheap and effective alternatives.

Having your data scrambled by ransomware or your bank account emptied due to identity theft is obviously not cheap. Let's avoid that.

Restoring an old computer to good working condition is often cheaper than replacing it and saves the environment as well.

Do it yourself


Backup, backup, backup! Almost every day we hear a tale of woe from someone who has lost important data due to a hardware failure, a hacked computer, human error or a provider going out of business. It's not a question of "if" but "when" it will happen to you. Backups need to be automated, versioned, off-site and tested to be effective. It takes only 5 minutes and costs less than £5/month to set up unlimited backups to "the cloud". We can even supply the storage. Just do it!


Adding a solid-state drive (SSD) and perhaps a bit more memory (RAM) and disabling unnecessary startup programs will make most laptops and desktops MUCH faster.


A quick way to check and fix unpatched applications with known vulnerabilities on a Windows computer is to install the free PatchMyPC utility. On an Apple or Android device, stick to the official repositories for downloading applications. And turn on automatic updates - yes, they occasionally cause problems at inconvenient times but a hacked computer is much, much worse.

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