Frequently Asked Questions

Can you restore a hacked website or computer?

If a website has been hacked or lost we can sometimes recover the content from cached Google pages, the “Wayback” archive or old backups.

We can sometimes recover data from a crashed or hacked computer. To increase the chances of successful recovery you should stop using your computer immediately and turn it off because in this situation every time a computer saves data it might be overwriting good data with bad.

Note that disk recovery can be a very time-consuming process with no guarantee of success, because the recovered files may be in small chunks with no filenames. It’s far better to have good backups in the first place using a service like Crashplan.

Can you update my website to a new format?

We often get enquiries about updating a site from an old “site builder” or an obsolete version of a content management system. It’s usually quite easy to copy all the content across to a new system (typically WordPress) that is easier to maintain, with a more modern appearance that works on mobile phones. Old email accounts that are full of spam can also be fixed. We can even write custom code to replicate functionality that is no longer supported (for example, sites based on Flash).

Do you comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and NIST guidelines?

Websites that we host generally comply with European GDPR data protection regulations, American PCI DSS requirementsHIPAA guidance and NIST guidelines, which are standards for protecting credit card details and other confidential information online. In particular, we check that connections to third-party payment processors like PayPal and Stripe are encrypted securely (we never store credit card information ourselves). If you test some commercial sites you will find this is quite rare!

Even if you don’t accept card payments, good encryption is essential if you or your users ever log in to your site, especially if that may be over a public Wifi connection.

Sites that we look after but are hosted elsewhere may not be fully compliant.

Do you do emergency repairs?

We are often available on evenings and weekends and can come to your home if you’re reasonably local to Carshalton.

If we need to order a part, next day delivery is sometimes available. We don’t sell spares ourselves but do have some frequently needed items in store.

We can also help recover lost data or restore a backup to a new device.

Do you fix Windows/Apple/Android/Linux computers?

Yes, we have experience with all the above operating systems and we’ll have a go at fixing the software or hardware on any computing device or phone, regardless of make or age.

Note however that some devices are specifically designed to be non-repairable. Also, spare parts for older devices may be hard to obtain.

Do you recycle old laptops or phones?

We recycle computers or phones when there’s enough residual value to justify the time spent wiping and reselling them. If in doubt, let us know the make, model and condition and we will assess the resale value for you.

Otherwise we suggest taking them to the local recycling centre. We can remove or wipe storage drives for you to ensure confidential data is not revealed.

How much do we charge?

We generally charge £50/hour for skilled work that results in a fix, plus the cost of any necessary parts. We are not VAT registered.

There is no call-out fee within roughly 30 minutes’ travelling time from Carshalton. Travel outside that time is charged at our hourly rate.

When are we open?

Appointments are available between 9 am and 9 pm seven days a week, including bank holidays.

Where are we located?

We are based near Carshalton Beeches station in South London. We can come to your home or office or you can visit us by appointment (we don’t have a shop). There’s no call-out charge within approximately 30 minutes’ travelling time from Carshalton. Outside that area we charge our normal hourly rate for travel.

Will a device repair void the warranty?

Yes, opening an electronic device to repair it will usually void the manufacturer’s warranty. If your device is still under warranty we advise you to contact the manufacturer first to see if they will repair or replace it. We can help you to back up all your data.

Will all the data on my device be safe?

In general, we will do our best to preserve all the data and settings on your computer or phone but that’s not always under our control so we can NOT guarantee this. Therefore, if the device is still working you should try to make a backup before sending a device to us for repair.

In any case, our insurance does NOT cover consequential damage to you or your business if data is lost or damaged. If such data is important to you, you should take out your own insurance against its loss.

Regarding confidentiality of the stored data – you should assume that anyone with physical access to your device can read all the data, unless the whole drive is encrypted (e.g. with Bitlocker) and no passwords are divulged to us. We will not divulge the contents of any data we see to any third party unless legally compelled.

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